Aimed to support and enhance your mediator marketing strategy. Browse our online store to choose from a range of digital guides covering everything from building your mediation practice to writing the perfect mediator CV.

E-books highlighting the core
marketing areas to focus on

These digital marketing guides are primarily aimed at mediators who are either wanting to re-evaluate their current marketing approach or are starting out on their journey as a mediator.


A selection of the digital guides provide introductory and basic tips and advice on how to build the foundations of your mediation practice when you are in the early stages of developing your business.  Focusing on the six main areas that matter when establishing your place in the market, they hold useful insights into what your major considerations should be. Comsgateway have researched the six main areas by analysing the results of the CEDR Mediation Audits of 2018 and 2021. Each guide provides an example of excellence showcasing an existing, successful mediator and mediation practice. This helps to demonstrate that these tips are effective in building your mediation brand.


Other digital guides are designed to act as a useful review tool for established mediators to help them check that they have focused their marketing on the right areas.