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COMSGATEWAY offers all accredited mediators in the UK the opportunity to showcase their mediator profile on our dedicated mediator directory. Open to all mediators regardless of any Chambers or Mediation Provider you are already affiliated with, we offer an all-inclusive, open platform for you to market your mediation services. We are passionate about showcasing a vibrant, diverse and inclusive platform.

Those mediators who have signed up to the Contributor Plan will have a short page profile which will consist of static content only. If you are on an upgraded plan – Connect, Communicate or Collaborate plan, you will benefit from a full page profile consisting of both static and interactive content.

 Personalise your Mediator Profile URL

We provide compelling and interactive mediator profile pages. Your mediator page becomes your micro website with your own personalised URL. Using an SEO audit facility we will regularly check your URL profile page for its SEO score including page quality and structure and we continuously work to maximise its score.

Build the foundations of your profile 

Static Content

  • Short Biography/Mediation Overview

  • Mediation style and approach

  • Areas of expertise and niche

  • Professional Background

  • Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Awards and Accolades

  • Testimonials

The detailed part of your profile

  • Interactive Content

    • Webinar recordings

    • Podcast recordings

    • Ebooks

      1. White papers

      2. Case studies

      3. Articles

    • Events

    • Courses and Training

    • Blog posts

    • Video slides

    • Embedded content from other channels

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Insightful | Impactful | Inspiring

A typical Mediator CV or profile is usually displayed as a simple webpage or as a document that can be downloaded. In the online marketing world this is often referred to as static content.

When a client is researching mediator CVs and they look at your CV or profile online, it is safe to assume their intention is to engage or make a connection. They are reading your CV because they are considering your appointment as mediator for a certain dispute.

The over-riding aim should always be to get the client to read your CV and then engage with you on some level, thereby becoming an active lead.

Interactive content is characteristically adopted to get a client to engage with you and make a connection. We have built a portfolio Mediator Directory where you have the option of showcasing your Mediation profile using interactive content.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content invites a call to action. It encourages the reader to engage by performing a positive act. A perfect example is conducting a poll on Linkedin. When you conduct a poll you are actively seeking the opinions and actions of the participants.

 “ it is possible to create sophisticated interactive content that provides immersive experiences to the audience and is more effective to reach your company’s goals. They can educate or inform and entertain.”



















How does the concept of Interactive content translate to your Mediator CV?

By adapting the format of your mediator CV you can make it more interactive and engaging. Utilising a web page where your profile is displayed will give you ample opportunity to invite engagement with your audience. Consider embedding a video clip where you talk about your expertise or show a clip of a mock mediation. Include an e-book that you have written to make the reading of your profile page an immersive experience. Explore mixing written content with visual content. You could include an infographic or a chart. Many website platforms have the functionality for you to include an interactive field within a webpage where you can ask the reader to input information.



















Why should I use interactive content on my mediator profile webpage?

You want to nurture your clients. The key to ensuring that a client continues to look at your services is to make certain that they remain engaged with your brand. The use of interactive content allows your brand to stand out more. You have a unique point of difference that distinguishes you from other mediators. By catching your client’s attention you are ensuring that they will engage for longer. The more time a client spends engaged with your brand the more likelihood that the engagement will convert to a booking. It will also help you to drive more traffic across your social media channels and increase your ranking on google. If you made for example, the videos or eBooks shareable content it will encourage clients to share with others in the industry and give you more market exposure.