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Mediation Knowledge Hub

In this section of Comsgateway you can explore everything that contributes to our learning and development of mediation. Navigate through the choices below, which cover an extensive range of mediums to increase your knowledge and awareness of mediation.

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Members share their knowledge and expertise in a series of articles, designed to inform and educate.

Latest News

Find a selection of mediation and commercial litigation online magazines and journals, including our very own two in-house mediation magazines.

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Keeping abreast of forthcoming events that are taking place online and in person for the mediation community.


Sharing details of forthcoming mediation training courses that are being developed and run by members. 

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Open Book.

Books & Papers

A range of books and (white) papers that have been written by some of the most respected mediators in the industry.

Social Media Feeds

Linked In, Twitter and You tube to name but a few. Find all our different social media channels here and see how we are reaching the mediation audience.