Information and Decision

Use the Decision Matrix to help you organise your mediation journey.

Follow the logical steps to support you in finding and booking a mediator or mediation provider.

Read the Information section as a checklist of what information you should expect to obtain when booking a mediation and preparing for the mediation process.

Scroll Down the Mediation I.A.D Matrix

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What type of Mediation service do you want?

All administration is provided

Non administered 

Mediation Service Provider

An independent Mediator

civil and commercial

46 listed providers


141 listed mediators

civil and commercial

520 listed mediators

fixed fee/low cost scheme

18 listed providers

fixed fee/low cost scheme

171 listed mediators

Considerations/Criteria for choosing a mediator

Reputation and status

Fees/costs for mediation

Charges for travel expenses

Venue Hire

Make contact with Mediation provider's administration team.

Explain which criteria are key and discuss your needs. The provider will match suggested mediators with your requested preferences. Provider will give options to choose from

Mediator's style of mediating

Qualifications and background

related considerations

Experience in area of expertise

related considerations

Mediator Feedback or recommendation


Type of Mediation


Face to face



Information you may need from the mediation provider or mediator to prepare for the mediation process

After researching the criteria and considerations you have are a match with the mediator, make contact with the independent mediator to book a mediation

Mediation booking form

Model mediation clause pre-agreed?

Mediation Agreement

Mediator's fee guide

Mediator's Terms and Conditions

Mediator marketing logo white.jpg

Online/remote mediation information

Guide to preparing for the mediation

Confirmation of booking and suggested timetable

Mediation Process

takes place

Best practice guide

Mediation attendance list

Draft settlement agreement