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Start a brand new journey with Comsgateway as we support you in marketing and developing your mediation services. Enhance and compliment any of your existing mediator marketing, with pioneering tips and tools from our experienced mediation marketing and sales team. Our services are designed to drive your mediation practice forward. We collaborate with you to market your mediator CV and your mediation practice helping you to be even more successful in an increasingly competitive market.

Mediation and Marketing combined

Contribute to the Comsgateway

Create a FREE Account and build your short mediation profile. Write a mediation blog every month and capture client's attention. Contribute to the mediator forum and share news and views.

Connect with other Mediation Service clientele

Signing up to the Connect plan gives members the opportunity to share their full mediation profile. Benefit from marketing tips and tools and access digital marketing guides on the six core mediator marketing skills.

Communicate across the
Mediation landscape

Members of this plan benefit from a full page mediator profile page. In addition we expand on the lower paid plans and include further services where we publish webinars, case studies, white papers, events, course and more. 

with the
Mediation Sector

Access a stunning interactive mediator profile. Bringing the mediator CV into the 21st Century with full SEO, analytics and competitor analysis services. Website design and branding services are also available.

COMSGateway is a Mediator Marketing Agency. Hailing from London and the Midlands, UK, we work exclusively with civil and commercial, family and workplace mediators. This includes mediators who have an independent practice, those who are members of a mediation provider and mediators who are registered under schemes (such as the CMC Fixed Fee Scheme). We are happy to work with both newly qualified mediators who are just starting their mediation practice and established mediators who already have built a strong reputation with clients in the Dispute resolution sector.

We established in 2018 with the aim of working as an all-inclusive agency. We want to form relationships with all mediators, regardless of any specific affiliations they may have with other Chambers, mediation providers or commercial mediation panels. We are also passionate about being vibrant, diverse and inclusive and want to actively support newly qualified mediators from diverse backgrounds.


We have combined Mediation Services, by way of the Mediator Directory, and Mediator Marketing. Discover how we can collaborate with you to transform the way your mediation practice marketing performs. We will help you to focus your marketing efforts on the aspects of your mediation service that truly matter to your audience. Whether you are new to marketing or wish to further enhance your existing experience we are confident we can add value for you.


This platform has been created to empower you to increase your market share of the clients that you reach and to enhance the quality of the mediation service that you provide through best marketing practices. Included in our offering is a Mediator Directory where we will help you to promote your mediation services and publish your mediator CV to a wider audience. 

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More than 21 years of unparalleled civil and commercial mediation experience

Comsgateway has been built up and designed by members of a mediation case management team who have over 22 years' previous experience in the civil and commercial mediation industry. Over the years we have been involved in providing mediation services to just under 8,200 individual clients which includes around 2,600 solicitors firms, public bodies, GCs, Government departments, high net worth clients, family businesses and private organisations. 


Between the members of the team we have successfully marketed the services of around 50 mediators and built relationships with more than 200 industry suppliers. We have been responsible for administering circa 7500 civil and commercial mediations. Our biggest strength has always been helping civil and commercial mediators to get mediation bookings by managing their diaries, negotiating mediation fees, generating leads and supporting their mediation marketing efforts in a professional, dynamic and compelling manner. 

We have created this exclusive mediator marketing service to combine our battle-tested mediation practice management skills and our retail management and sales experience with our digital marketing knowledge to bring you a unique offering, where you can get mediation consultancy and marketing support all in one place. Our business model is the first of its kind.

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What sets us apart from other marketing agencies and mediation services


We have the know-how you need.

No matter your mediation practice size, every mediator is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver content that will connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in. 

We adopt a sustainable (mediation) marketing strategy to guarantee a sure-fire way for getting your mediator brand known to the dispute resolution sector. We offer a unique and bespoke digital service that is one of a kind and only available here.


We have mediation marketing services to suit even those with a modest marketing budget. We know you need to reach more clients to grow your mediation business. We help you to do that by adopting the right approach to reach your target audience in a niche market and generate mediation conversions. 

You have the opportunity to utilise our in-house exclusive mediator marketing services. Become an insider and become a member of our Mediator Directory today. With a proven track record in the civil and commercial mediation industry we have the skills and experience to share our thoughts about your mediation services with our mediation audience.


Our task is to ensure you gain more exposure with clients, existing and new and grow your mediation practice without having to spend an enormous amount on your digital marketing budget. Our goal is for you to succeed.

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We are mediator brand advocates

Our team takes the time to understand your mediator brand and finds the most effective way to convey that to your audience. We support your keyword research, help drive traffic, optimize your content and help with link building.



Influencer marketing

We work together to communicate your mediation expertise on our marketing platform. We share your blogs, podcasts, webinars, articles, whitepapers and case studies. All of these enhance your market presence.



Social advocacy for mediators

Using our expertise and training in digital marketing we work to increase your online presence with SEO, SERPS, (ranking in search engine results) that enhance your client relationships.