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There are 4 plans to choose from

1. Contribute 2. Connect 3. Communicate 4. Collaborate

Take your mediator marketing to the next level. 

Prices range from our FREE plan to a membership fee of £300 per year.

Become a member today to benefit from the full range of marketing support. There are four different membership plans for mediators to choose from, each providing a more involved level of digital marketing, SEO and Administration support. The Contributor Plan is completely FREE to sign up to and means you can communicate your services to clients and peers alike. Each subsequent plan includes publication of your mediator CV on the Comsgateway Mediator Directory and varying levels of Social Media Marketing support.

Each of the paid plans are valid for 12 months and if you sign up today you will get a

FREE digital guide worth £19.99 (+VAT) 

Contribute | Connect | Communicate | Collaborate

The choice is all yours!