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If you are an individual mediator looking for marketing support,
there are 4 plans to choose from
1. Contribute 2. Connect 3. Communicate 4. Collaborate

Prices for these plans range from our FREE Contributor plan to a membership fee of £120 per month.

Remember, the Contributor Plan is completely FREE to sign up to and means you can communicate your services to clients and peers alike. The only real commitment required from you for this plan, is to submit a short mediator profile and aim to write one blog post every calendar month. Each subsequent plan includes publication of your full length mediator CV on the Comsgateway Mediator Directory and varying levels of Marketing support including - Content writing - Google Ads - social media content - email marketing - organic search results - branding - website audit - competitor analysis.

If you are a Mediation Organisation looking for marketing support for the whole group you can sign up to the Companion Plan. 

The companion plan is a bespoke service designed for a small mediation organisation which has no more than 20 individual members. It is aimed at those who have already established their organisations but would like more permanent and consistent marketing support with SEO and digital marketing to increase its online exposure and business growth.


Become a member today - either as an individual mediator or a mediation organisation,  to benefit from the full range of mediation marketing support. With five different membership plans for mediators to choose from, you can ensure you choose the one that provides you with the right level of digital marketing, SEO and mediation administration support.

You are not tied into any subscription contract with the paid plans for individual members, and so you can cancel at any time and if you sign up to one of these paid plans today you will get a

FREE digital guide worth £19.99

Contribute | Connect | Communicate | Collaborate

The choice is all yours!


Choose your Mediator Profile and Marketing plan

  • Contributor Plan

    Short mediator profile on the Directory some client outreach
    Free Plan
    • Member short profile page with URL
    • Open door policy to contribute to:
    • Commercial Mediation and Marketing Magazine
    • Snippets Magazine for the Mediation Community
    • Contribute to the Mediator Forum
    • Contribute one member blog post per calendar month
  • Most popular with new members

    Connect Plan

    Every month
    Full page on Mediator Directory, mediation client outreach
    • Upgrade your Contributor Plan to get....
    • Mediator Profile/CV page on Mediator Directory
    • Be proposed for appropriate Mediation enquiries received
    • Promote your events on our events page and social media
    • Get the 'Writing the Perfect Mediator CV' digital guide FREE
    • Connect with clients on the forum
    • Get mediation service promotion on our social media channels
  • Communicate Plan

    Every month
    Full page on Mediator Directory, expertise & events shared
    • Upgrade your Connect plan and add
    • Mediator Profile/CV full page on Directory with personal URL
    • Promote the following on your profile page and social media:
    • Mediation related webinars
    • Mediation white papers and case studies
    • Market mediation events and courses
    • Mediation related articles
    • Mediation podcasts
    • Be proposed for appropriate Mediation enquiries received
    • Gain exclusive access to forum categories
    • Get full administrative support for the above
  • Collaborate Plan

    Every month
    Interactive Mediator CV, client outreach, marketing support
    • Upgrade from the Communicate plan and add...
    • Mediator Profile/CV interactive page with personal URL
    • Annual Competitor Analysis Audit
    • Annual Social Media Marketing Audit
    • Monthly website traffic review
    • Monthly SEO analytics report
    • Be proposed for appropriate Mediation enquiries received
    • Get a dedicated SEO advisor
    • Get administrative support and advice
  • Companion Plan

    Every month
    For small groups of Mediators at one organisation
    Valid for 12 months
    • A mediation organisation page on the Mediator Directory
    • Backlinks to organisation website
    • A profile for each mediator on the Mediator Directory that's
    • ..fully interactive and one full page including..
    • Links to twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels
    • Contribute as often as you wish to our two publications..
    • Commercial Mediation and Marketing Magazine and
    • Snippets magazine for the Mediation Community
    • Use of the Mediator Forum
    • Publish unlimited blog posts for organisation and members
    • Promotion of any or all of the following:
    • webinars
    • white papers and case studies
    • events and courses
    • podcasts
    • As much marketing as you wish from an SEO advisor who will..
    • post on social media platforms for you
    • help with content planning
    • perform an annual competitor analysis report
    • perform an annual social media marketing report
    • send you a monthly SEO report
    • send you a website traffic review quarterly
Taking Notes

Making the right choice

At Comsgateway we know how important it is to make the right choices. Developing a successful mediation practice is hard work and getting the marketing right is a critical part of your business plan and future growth of mediation bookings.

If you would like to talk to Lizzie, the team advisor, to seek advice on which plan would be best for you we can arrange a time convenient for you, when we can have a 30 minute chat to discuss your options.