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Arabella Tresilian is a CEDR-accredited mediator, and a conflict resolution trainer, specialising in facilitating dispute resolution and employee wellbeing, in health, social care and the workplace. She has twenty years’ experience as a management consultant, leader and educator, combined with lived experience as a patient and carer. Arabella supports service providers, businesses, boards, hospitals, families and individuals in finding effective resolutions to complex disputes and relationship-breakdowns in the workplace, and the health and social care setting.

Workplace & Employment Mediation

Arabella has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting and leadership. She offers mediation, team development and facilitation for a wide variety of workplace and employment issues including:

  • Boardroom / CEO disputes

  • Trustee disputes

  • Employment Exit / Settlements

  • Grievances and Disciplinaries

  • Employee / Client disputes

  • Line manager / Report conflicts

  • Colleague conflicts or broken relationships

  • Discrimination / Equality Act 2010 disputes

  • Employee sickness / mental health

  • Team performance issues

Civil & Commercial Mediation - specialist in health and social care

Since 1999, Arabella has worked with 100s of social workers, doctors, nurses, community health workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, police officers, teachers and NHS management professionals across the UK as a trainer, management consultant, patient, patient researcher, and kinship carer. Her current mediation, facilitation and team development work includes:

  • Patient / Professional Mediation (with Medical Mediation Foundation)

  • Local Authority / Provider / Customer disputes

  • Clinical Commissioning Group disputes

  • Court of Protection

  • Mental Capacity Act / DoLs

  • Judicial Reviews

  • Care homes

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney / Family disputes

  • End of Life Care / Elder Mediation

  • Mental Health Act / Care Act


  • CEDR Accredited Mediator, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (2017)

  • Mediation Accreditation, OCN (2016)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Leadership and Management, University of Bath (2012)

  • MAHons English Literature, University of Edinburgh (1999)


  • Medical Mediation Foundation (Associate Mediator and Trainer)

  • Association of South West Mediators (Committee Member)

  • Resolve West (Mediator)

  • CEDR (Associate and Trainer)

  • St John Ambulance (Associate Adviser in Mental Health)

  • Bath Mind (Associate)

  • End of Life Doula UK (Associate)

Speaker / Advocate

Featured for her work in the field of conflict resolution, mental health and social inclusion, by: ITN News, Sky News, BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health, The Kings Fund, BMJ Awards, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Elder Mediation World Summit, Financial Times, Psychologies Magazine, NHS England, Good Housekeeping, The Sun

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