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I have lived or worked (and often both) and immersed myself in the cultures in 27 countries and every continent bar 2, worked in many capacities with 52 companies from start-up to global household names across almost every industry, and in all 3 sectors. I have dined and played sport with A-List movie stars, and watched missiles go over my head whilst being shot at. ALL of which, plus other experiences, has made me who I am today.

Why does this matter?

When I add this to over 35 years of business and corporate consulting experience within legal, finance, procurement, technology services, and global programme delivery services, and I combine it with formal mediation and negotiation training, a legal academic background, an accounting qualification, qualified counselling & psychotherapy skills and experience of building, and operating, a number of consulting firms, it enables me to provide a somewhat unique omni-dimensional approach to dispute resolution and negotiation.

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