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Make the needs of mediation clients work to your advantage

An essential element that makes mediator marketing successful is making sure you know what clients are looking for when they search for a mediator. This is a key consideration when developing your mediation practice. Only when you know what qualities a client is looking for, can you ensure you have those skills and can use your marketing strategy to deliver them. How do you do this? The first thing to do is to find out what these qualities are. Where can you find this information? At Comsgateway we use our social listening and social media monitoring skills to ensure we are always one step ahead.

A useful source of information is the CEDR Mediation Audit 2021. In the biennial report CEDR conducted research amongst lawyers to find out what qualities were most important to them when choosing a mediator. Below are the top six attributes clients are looking for. To market your mediation services successfully it makes perfect sense to market yourself as having these key attributes or being able to fulfil these criteria. 

COMSGATEWAY have researched the industry thoroughly. As a result we have identified six tried-and-true areas that a mediator should focus on when marketing their mediation services. Giving priority to these areas of your mediation marketing is a sure-fire way to promote results and win clients. Digital Guides are available to buy and download on each of these specific topic areas. Between them all six guides build an ideal tool kit to keep at hand as you develop your mediation skills and practice.

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Mediator Availability

When a client makes an enquiry about the services of a mediator, one of the most important factors is dates of availability that a mediator has. In our twenty years experience of being mediation Case Managers we have always been more likely to succeed in booking a mediator if we have immediate access to an accurately kept diary of a mediator. 

It sounds unlikely but trust us! If a client makes an enquiry they usually have a period of time, or even a specific date in mind. How do you market your availability? You can't directly but you can indirectly. You can demonstrate availability by marketing your flexibility. Show in your marketing how you can be adaptable and affable. 



Lawyers surveyed in the CEDR Mediation Audit 2018 and 2021 made it clear that the second most important factor to them, after a mediator's availability, is a mediator's reputation in the market. Also crucial is the amount of experience that mediator has had since they began their career as a mediator but also in their previous (or co-existing) profession. You need to be armed with the right marketing tools to demonstrate clearly that you have these qualities in order to attract business. The biggest asset you have in your armoury is your mediator CV or profile. Ensure that you include in your CV your career history at the very least. An accomplished CV will also include how you have built your reputation and provide examples of where you have gained experience.


Sector experience

Whenever anyone applies for a job it is commonly accepted that within the job description there will be a list of experience required. Marketing yourself as a mediator is no different. If, for example your were a Partner in a leading law firm and specialised in Intellectual Property and Trademark law, it would make perfect sense to market yourself as a mediator who specialises in IP disputes because this is where your sector experience lies. Here at COMSGateway we love the word 'niche'. What is your niche?



We all want to know how much something costs. How do you use your fees as a marketing tool? Mediation is a very competitive market. In all the years we have been selling mediation, fees has always been one of the most important points of discussion. It's important to see your fees not as a barrier to discussion but as a point of difference. All services can be marketed successfully by highlighting your point of difference. Everyone has heard of the USP (unique selling point) and even the most basic business courses tell you to work out what your USP is. Crucially your popularity as a mediator might also be because of your flexibility on fees too.


Mediation Style

When you walk into the opening session of the mediation it's quite possible this is the first time that the clients have ever met you face to face. They haven't had a chance to get to know you before hand. They don't even really know if they are going to like you. And yet, they have already appointed you based on information they have sourced elsewhere. It is not surprising then for us to stress how important that information is. Your marketing needs to demonstrate who you are and what you are about. This is why promoting your personal mediation style and your approach is key to driving business. Use your marketing to show how adaptable you are, how good you are at building relationships. Are you firm, direct, calm, evaluative, facilitative?



A little goes a long way. Qualifications gained prove a certain level or calibre of mediator. Professional awards and accolades are a marker of a certain standard. Interestingly in the CEDR mediation audit 2021 listings in legal directories such as Chambers Guide or Legal 500 were very low on the list of what matters to a client when choosing a mediator. Conversely qualifications and professional background were top of the list. It's about knowing what to focus on the most when marketing your services. Whilst it is important to know that you are a CEDR Accredited mediator with 15 years experience, it might not be quite so important that you just won an award for best mediator of the year with some lesser known society. Its all about prioritising what you market.