Client Outreach Model

Our client outreach model  (COM) centres around showcasing each mediator’s services using digital marketing, to increase their market share of mediations that clients are looking to arrange.

Comsgateway’s goal is for you – the independent mediator - to succeed. Our focus is for our team to connect , communicate and collaborate with law firms and organisations of all kinds who are looking for mediation services across the UK.

We use tailored, specific and compelling messages to communicate to our target audience for the mutual benefit of every Comsgateway member. The aim is to create awareness of mediators who are available through our Mediator Directory.


We act as advocates for our members by collaborating with as many professionals and private individuals as possible who are involved in the mediation community. Key to this strategy is ensuring we are actively networking to maximise opportunities in the market.

Client Outreach Strategy

Building strong relationships with our audience is key and so our strategy is built around engagement using social media channels, email marketing, content marketing and networking events. By focusing on engagement we can create defined audiences within civil litigation and dispute resolution, commercial litigation, family litigation, organisations (spanning insurance companies, accountancy practices, construction, finance and banking and other associations), HR departments and public sector bodies, community based projects and charities.

Client Outreach Methodology

Client outreach activities that we strive to frequently take part in and promote include courses, webinars, participatory research, workshops, the development of sector specific brochures, guides, newsletters etc and partnering and supporting mediation bodies and schemes that promote the effectiveness of mediation across the UK. Ultimately our members of the Mediator Directory are the community that benefit from this outreach method.

Client Outreach Goals

Comsgateway will set goals within our client outreach model and be sure to target the right audience in the right way to achieve worthwhile responses and develop leads. This is how we add value to you – by creating a strong and authentic brand presence.

Achieving a strong position in an increasingly competitive and niche market is challenging. We acknowledge that it is crucial to demonstrate a strong USP to ensure we build client trust and gain credibility in the market. The strategy we adopt also has to clearly highlight the authenticity of our Mediator Directory,  so we earn the trust and respect of peers, clients and competitors alike.

To this end, we define our position in the market as vibrant, diverse and inclusive. We balance the need to support the marketing of mediation services with a desire to help newly qualified, independent mediators and mediators with SMES to obtain paid mediation work and build their practices across the UK. We believe that every mediator who is a member of the Mediator Directory deserves their position in a full, but not saturated, dispute resolution market. 

We acknowledge that there are a huge number of mediation training providers and that year on year the number of newly accredited mediators is increasing. Fundamentally though, we also believe that every mediator, regardless of their niche, industry or level of experience , deserve a place in the dispute resolution market. Furthermore we advocate the adoption of different methods of approach. Whilst the most common term to date has been ‘mediation’ we endeavour to promote the flexibility of the process by recognising the value in, ‘facilitation’, ‘negotiation’, ‘conflict avoidance’, ‘coaching’ and ‘dispute avoidance’ as well as other non-violent forms of communication and dispute resolution. To that end we use the umbrella term, ‘Mediator Directory’ to encompass all neutrals involved in some form of conflict resolution.

Comsgateway recognises that every mediator is unique and individual, both in the way they promote themselves and the way in which they conduct the mediation process. We see our purpose as to provide a solid foundation upon which each mediator can stand. We provide the stage which has a clear position in the market and a brand persona of its own, whilst also promoting and advocating for each individual mediator’s personal brand and own established place in the same market. It is impossible to eradicate competition but conceivable that all mediators can work shoulder to shoulder and share a strong position in the mediation arena.

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