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We are Digital Marketers for Mediators

COMSGATEWAY is passionate about helping civil and commercial mediators build their mediation brands and find their digital voice. Founded in 2018, our independent, boutique Digital Marketing Agency aims to help mediators thrive in a changing omni-channel, digital world and leverage their unique strengths and expertise as mediators, to build a personalized roadmap to success. Combining over 20 years of mediation case management and administration expertise with qualifications in digital media marketing our aim is to support civil and commercial mediators in the UK. We’re here to make your digital life as a mediator easier and to raise your mediator profile. We offer a range of different services, both free and paid, for you to choose the type of marketing support that best suits your individual needs.



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Comsgateway was born in 2018 by Lizzie McGuire after working in a mediation practice for 13 years. During this time Lizzie recognised that mediators needed a tremendous amount of support with their marketing to help them succeed and grow their individual practices. By listening to and understanding the needs of mediators Lizzie helped them build their practices by providing administrative support but always wanted to be able to focus more on their marketing strategy too. Using her expertise heading a superior team and having over 20 years' experience in the civil and commercial mediation industry Comsgateway was started.

Lizzie decided to use her skills of having provided mediation services to just over 7,500 individual clients which includes around 2,000 solicitors firms, public bodies, GCs, Government departments, high net worth clients, family businesses and private organisations. Lizzie was involved in marketing the services of around 50 mediators and built relationships with more than 200 industry suppliers. This experience has been now been combined with digital marketing expertise to create this unique, boutique Mediator Marketing agency.

The brand tagline is Connect | Communicate | Collaborate which Lizzie uses as the three core strengths of her mediation practice marketing strategy. She believes that focusing on these areas both collectively and individually can strengthen a mediator's marketing strategy.

Currently working on the business alone Lizzie hopes to build the Comsgateway concept and ethos to grow the business in the future and be the catalyst and hub for all mediators to join together with the aim of helping to eradicate conflict.

Lizzie wants to bring mediators together as a collective who can support one another and dispell the myth that mediators have to market themselves alone in what tends to have the reputation of a solitary profession.

Our Mediator Marketing Services explained

Our core services are organised into 5 distinct areas or 'marketing zones'. Each zone performs a slightly different function for you on your mediator marketing journey.


Zone #1

Explore our key services in an overview. Visit our Home of Mediator Marketing where we explain our areas of expertise and how we aim to collaborate with the community to achieve our goal of raising mediator profiles. Check out our frequently asked questions to understand what we can offer in a nutshell.


Zone #2

In this area of our website we take you, as a mediator or client, on your mediation journey. If you are a mediator wanting to add your CV to our community, look at the Mediator Directory to choose what type of profile you want to create. If you are a client looking for mediation services, use our Mediation Information and Decision Matrix to help you decide how to proceed and where to look.


Zone #3

This marketing zone is all about getting into the nitty gritty of your mediator marketing journey. Look at our range of membership options and choose a pricing plan. Check out our digital marketing guides which support your learning as you build your mediation practice and develop your marketing plan.


Zone #4

The learning zone. Venture here to find a plethora of news, articles, magazines, books and papers. Find out about forthcoming events and keep up to date with our our social media feeds. Use this zone to support you with your networking and collaboration efforts with the mediation community at large.


Zone #5

All things SEO live here. We provide you with a range of SEO marketing tools that you can either use yourself or collaborate with us and we will work on them for you, with you. A range of options exist and you can get our support with social media marketing, brand identity, competitor marketing analysis, SEO auditing and starting/building your mediation practice.

Most popular services

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Mediator Directory

Search our Mediator Directory to view the profiles of COMSGATEWAY members. Mediators listed here are CMC registered mediators in the UK and work as civil and commercial, family or workplace mediators.

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Blogs, Articles and Events

Mediators who are members of COMSGATEWAY and mediators who sign up to our Contributor Plan can publish blog posts, articles, webinars, podcasts and advertise events on this section of the website. 

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Social Media Marketing

COMSGATEWAY offers mediators support and advice for all their social media marketing. As well as helping mediators to build their online presence we also offer a social media marketing audit service.

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Brand Identity

Branding is a key aspect of a mediator's marketing mix. We offer support and advice on how to build your voice, tone and brand online. Good brand identity helps you to get market exposure to reach clients.

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Digital Marketing Guides

For newly accredited mediators or those who want some initial support for building their mediator profile. We offer a selection of six digital marketing guides covering the most important things to focus on to build your mediator brand.

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Competitor marketing Analysis

In a competitive digital market it is important to stay abreast of what your peers are doing. We offer a competitor analysis service where we compare as many mediation providers across the UK as we can and provide a report on how you compare with your marketing strategy.

Mediator Marketing Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re not a run-of-the-mill Digital Marketing Agency and neither are our clients. Our unique and creative approach is why we’ve been in such high demand since we opened our doors in 2018. 

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At COMSGATEWAY, each client is unique. Which is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each Mediator. Reach out and we’ll help you get your mediator marketing exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest.

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